Joy Schools

Joy School program is a long term commitment to create joy through programs for nutrition education for primary schools in our community.

The programs aim to empower children to take positive steps towards overall well-being through promotion of nutrition education, access to fresh food and advocate active play.


We believe that breakfast is the most important meal. Students need it to fuel the day and give them energy for class. The programme will encompass edutainment activities that promote the importance of breakfast supported by a cartoon mascot as well as educational audio visual materials.

ACCESS TO FRESH FOOD: Joy Breakfast Program, Growing Joy Program

This program is all about empowering students to grow fresh produce in their own school backyard, that they can tend themselves and enjoy the benefit of the harvest. During the first year, the foundation is established through a 9 month feeding program, followed by an educational workshop on food growing and establishment of food sources

ACTIVE PLAY: Donation or creation of sports/playground equipment

This program enables schools to have easy and free access to space, equipment or workshops/clinics that can motivate children to exercise more or play sports together. This can be in the form of donation of sports or playground equipment